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Desire passion, romance and Beattyville, KY intense intimacy!

I'm the guy whos always trying new things I am 59 and weigh 167 I am a pretty easy going person and am a big listener Im usually someone who people lean on. I got a Cock and I like fucking.

After work I'm game to go out, or stay in. I love to hang with guys that know they have a prized possession and enjoy the attention. That doesn't Beattyville, KY mean I'm not adventurous, just respectful.

Probably over 35s - i think - I'm afraid We are just too experienced for you young 'uns! Guy smelling girls ass fetish. I'm in a relationship but I want to be honest and upfront with everyone. A Free Spirit who likes to party & have fun...who enjoys the Outdoors...who is 420 Friendly & partakes...who likes the Beach...Camping & Bonfires. I enjoy photography, music (rock, metal, ska, punk), and playing tabletop games and video games with my friends. I been fucking men and women now I'm divorced I want to be fucked I get high I love to get high and have sex I want someone to fuck or fuck me and see where it goes from there.

I'm an introvert but with great knowledge of the female body and which areas to focus on. Pending Review. Sexy BBW chicz. I am a single lady looking to spice up my life. Just want everyone to leave happy..Married ladies or FWB couples who aren't getting what they need at home. Message me & we can have dirty conversations.

I enjoy pleasing the people I am with so if you want to be friends you'll have to add me lol.

(hint, hint: I'm a bottom.). Respectful..chill..clean and safe.

Special big clits. Looking for couple and singles.

Looking to get fucked while my Dom watches. Happy to please your dreamy ways.

Black clean ass. Looking for a open minded friendly woman to play with him or a couple Deseret clean and down to earth.

:) Love to grab a drink at a bar or restaurant. Someone who is a top and we'll go from there.... Yes, I'm sporty! Writing this part doesn't make it fun for me..An absolute must is a guy thats well groomed.

Creative, fun wants to explore and show me new realms. Single male who enjoys both the mental and physical. I'm after a sexy guy who is full of personality, the joys of live and a sense of fun..Someone who takes their time to enjoy things, not rush everything and spoil it for both of us!!.Please Note I'm also not limiting myself to my local area as I do travel about, even out of N Ireland.

I know the right variant - write me a message.. Whether it's traveling to exotic destinations, exploring local hidden gems, or trying out unique culinary delights, I'm always up for a laugh and I love a cerebral connection just as much. Down for whatever south jersey and philly. So this place is brilliant.

There is very little I won't try or do if the setting and the vibe is right.

He is a real sweetheart but this is for me. I am very curious and easy to learn something. In an open Beattyville, KY relationship, and am on here just to explore some.

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